Monday, 15 April 2013

Westwood Ho! Stockport Vintage Village Fair

Eros Handbag with
Linda Farrow Sunglasses
Yesterday I made a return to the Vintage Village in Stockport. I always love a visit to VV- be it just to browse or to sell. I haven't been there since November so I was excited to see the old market hall again. I was even more excited because the theme of this month's fair was dedicated to British designer Vivienne Westwood.

Customers and stallholders alike were dressed in tartan, and punk inspired pieces, and there were many lovely ladies showing off their Vivienne Westwood + Melissa Shoes (including me!).
I was attending this fair as a stallholder, with my vintage clothes and
accessories 'business', 'Eclectique Chic'. I'd decided to have a mid-season sale to move some stock on in order to make room for new beauties. This proved a successful tactic- who doesn't love a sale!?

I had loads on offer, Valentino, Escada, Balenciaga, Celine, Dior as well as Westwood, and some great unnamed vintage pieces as well as vintage high street names and boutique brands- fashion to suit everyone.

Vivienne Westwood Tie
My first sale of the day was a Vivienne Westwood red tie which my dad had given me to sell from his ever-growing tie collection. The man I sold it too was looking super trendy, wearing a black shirt with leopard print collar (of which he informed me was from Topman!). I was very pleased to have kicked off the day with a sale of a Westwood design!
A highlight of my day was selling a Dior beauty brooch- it was super cute with a bow and said 'Christian Dior'. A very nice guy bought it as a treat for his girlfriend- I hope she loves it.
The market also had a visit from a Steampunk group (I had to google that when I got home...) but they looked great. The image is Victoriana/ futuristic inventions. I got chatting with a very nice couple (who were dressed more towards the Victorian half of the definition) of which the lady had a full-on bustle part of her dress, and the gentleman had a spectacular embroidered coat.
Of course, I could not finish my day without a purchase! On top of my normal haul from Stuart Thornley Cake Design (best cakes ever!), I'd had my eye on these fringed boots from Mint Vintage all day and after some hints to my very kind boyfriend, they were coming home with me!
Leather Fringe Boots from Mint Vintage

Thanks to the organisers of Vintage Village for making each fair so different and enjoyable!

Vintage Village is on every second Sunday of the month in Stockport:
Mint Vintage on Facebook:

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