Thursday, 11 April 2013

Peridot London

It's that time of year again where I have to start getting my head down and learning a years worth of work in 2 months. So naturally, instead of revising for exams, I had a day out with a good friend.
I got a message the other day from my friend, Jade, about the Peridot London S/S preview customer event, so she emailed and we got put on the list to attend.
We first saw Peridot at Vodafone London Fashion Weekend (February 2013), and have loved their designs ever since.
I didn't really know what to expect, so was going with an open mind.
We met at Baker Street station and headed towards the location. Once we got there, we buzzed up, and were greeted inside by two lovely girls. We took off our coats, had drinks and began to browse.
There were some fantastic colours, bright oranges and greens, as well as deep navy.
There were some great staple pieces- white shirts with a twist like a layered bottom or textured panel. I was loving the "Neville" shirt dress- navy with green detail pockets (S/S13 collection), but the length was just a bit too long for me (basically, I am too short).
Jade was taken by an amazing orange blazer. It was a longer line blazer, with super soft lining. A piece that really makes an outfit go 'pop'. (from the S/S13 collection)
There were also a few pieces left from the A/W12 collection, and these stole my heart (and money!). I saw the "Isaac" jacket and had to have it. It was so timeless but stylish. Short length, baggy arms, and a fur collar. 100% wool, with silk lining. What more could you ask for? Oh and of course in black.

My second piece was this "Salsa" silk shirt. It's just what I have been looking for. Straight cut, which usually doesn't fit me but this was great. It hangs really nicely and looks fab with a statement necklace. The sleeves are bracelet length so there is a real opportunity to wear with statement jewels.

Jade bought some fabulous "Lady" cat eye sunglasses. They had a vintage edge to them but are super on trend and will stay stylish for years.

Overall, our experience at Peridot today was lovely. The girls who helped and looked after us were so nice, and couldn't do enough to help. They offered really great advice with the clothes too.
This is a brand that really knows their image and is comfortable with its culture. Peridot has its collection available to buy online and at Dover Street and Notting Hill (for UK buyers), but I really hope they get their own store soon as I'm sure it would be wonderful.

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