Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Cat Hat

So again, it's been a little while but I've now finished my course at the London College of Fashion, which means I'm now getting a little bit of time off!
As Winter is now over (so they say), I thought I would share with you a story about something that has given me entertainment throughout the cold season, as we go in to summer.
So, this hat I got- what could be so exciting about a hat right? Well it's a great hat, and I love wearing it, but it's more about the attention it brings, rather than keeping my ears warm!

Just after Christmas, I came back to London to work and as everyone I live with was still at home with their families, as most normal people would be on 27th December, my mum came back to London with me to stay with me for a couple of days.
I managed to get an afternoon off so we went to the V&A museum.
This is where I found the Cat Hat.
In the gift shop (the best bit of museums right?), there it was- an Alice Hannah knitted black hat with cat ears and 2 big blue jewelled cat eyes. I had to have it, as cats are my favourite animal, and I liked how it was a little different from the standard animal hats we are seeing on the high street today.
Done deal, in the bag, its mine.
Now, as I started to sport this hat, I realised that it had a certain power. It started with a few odd looks on the tube in the morning, which is understandable- the suits are always a little tired and I think those big blue jewels might startle anyone at 7am on a Monday. Then it moved on to the man in Pret, 'That's a cool hat- are they ski goggles?', well, good try man but no it's a cat.
Then people at college and at work- 'Where did you get that hat from? It's so cool!'. Needless to say I came across some odd looks when I said the V&A museum.
Next was the lady in Pret (yes, a different Pret), 'Your hat is so nice- what is it?'. It's a cat my friend. People tend to just see the blue jewels and not the cat ears. Then the lady at the Post Office counter, 'What is your hat? It is so pretty and different!'. So you get the jist- people see it and comment.
I was feeling quite satisfied with my cat hat and thinking it was definitely a good investment. Until the other day.

I had just finished work and was checking my phone when I guy came up to me: 'Wow! What's your hat about? It looks cool.' I proceeded to tell him, like most, that it was a cat.
After 5 minutes of chit chat, and a date proposal later, he finally left me alone.

Forgetting about that experience, I have come to the conclusion that this is possibly one of the best items I have ever bought.