Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Again, it's been a little while, but here I am again.
I've finally got some time off work- a whole week! I feel like Christmas and Birthdays have come all at once.
So I'm filling this week with all the things I've been wanting to do, that I used to do when I was at university and had all that spare time (students, you really do have a lot of free time..!). Plus all my friends are away (thanks guys! well jel.)

Yesterday, I visited a couple of old haunts which I realised I haven't been to for about 2 years.
One of these was Covent Garden.
'What!?' I hear you say? Yes, I live in London, I work next to Covent Garden. But when you work there everyday, you actually don't get to SEE it.
So that's what I did, I visited Covent Garden.
I had a fab time wandering around the flea and antique market at the Jubilee Market Hall. There were so many great stalls. I'm a massive fan of vintage jewellery so I was in my element with many of the stalls there, and there were some of the highest quality designer pieces I have seen in a while, from Chanel and Dior to Trifari. They were exquisite to look at and were safely banked in my mind memory for when I'm earning millions ;)

One stall I found had some great vintage designer treasures, including a Balenciaga logo bag (next on my wish list!), but it also had an array of French Sole ballet pumps all new and waiting for new owners.
Much to my disappointment there were none in my size, however, there was a pair of denim boots. They fitted me perfectly, were brand new and were a bargain £45. (RRP £200, check the website ladies!).
I couldn't have been happier with my new boots, and I will certainly be a returning customer, as the stallholder is a regular.
Boots: French Sole
Scarf: Silk from Camden Market

I then spent the afternoon at Camden Market. This place used to be a regular stop for me. Alot of my friends weren't really into Camden, so I'm quite used to roaming the market streets here by myself.
I have to say though, that when I got there, I was disappointed.
Where had all the good stuff gone?
Granted, it was 2 years since I had been here, and there had been a couple of fires in this time, and of course things change, but really?
I have never seen so many stalls with the same mass manufactured stuff. My heart sank as I went around the stables market, as this as my favourite part, just seeing printed t-shirt after printed t-shirt.

After I really thorough search I finally found a cute little stall that satisfied what I was after. It had great dresses and tees that were wardrobe staples, but in the end I decided on a scarf. A simple black scarf. I know it sounds boring but I find that what I tend to do is see basics in black, white and grey, and I shy away from them because I always think I have loads of things like this. It turns out I don't so I decided to get something I both needed and wanted. (Isn't that a first!).

All in all, I was happy with my day out marketing around, but couldn't shake my disappointment with Camden. I hope that it will rise again to be the individual place it used to be, and that this is just a phase...

What are your thoughts? Are markets not what they used to be?