Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Pure Threads, Pure Jealous.

I was so excited when I got the email about the launch of the Alberta Ferretti and Emma Watson collaboration.
I've been waiting months for this email, scouring every little clue in the teaser emails they sent out now and then, to see a glimpse of what might be waiting.
I was not disappointed. Although only 5 pieces of clothing, they have endless possibilities, but you'll also need an endless bank balance.
The collection consists of 2 dresses, a skirt, a blouse and a pair of shorts.
All are made from organic cotton, with part of the proceeds going to the People Tree Foundation (for which Emma did 3 clothing collections).
The colours are all neutral, so these pieces are a sure investment.
My personal favourites are the shorts and the black dress. There is some beautiful lace detailing, which adds to the simple, timeless style of these garments.
I really want to get my hands on these!
Get them fast, because as word gets around, I can see these being very popular.

Prices Start from £220.

Emma Watson is also the new face of Lancome.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Big Girls Don't Cry

I've had a pretty lovely week.

Wednesday, I went to have a photo session with one of my friends. It was a lot of fun, but also ended with me signing the next 12 months of my money away on a direct debit agreement. Oops. We all know professional photos are pricey though. I'm pretty happy with these pictures, which is a rarity. I'm not a photogenic person, and usually what others think is nice, I grimace at. We all do it at some point.

Friday night, you're all out at clubs and bars yes? No! A meal out with good friends is my preferred Friday night. I love these evenings. They're much better than drunken scuffles. And you can remember them.

Yesterday was maybe my favourite day. Me and a friend went to see Jersey Boys (London). Now, I have already seen it twice before this, but it's so good, it's a show that never gets old. This weekend is cast change weekend, so it was sad to see some amazing actors leave the show, but I hope they go on to do some more stuff so I can go see them again!

Sunday has come along to ruin my week as per usual. It's always a pretty depressing day, as it usually consists of myself sitting in my room catching up on all the work I've put off from university. Today is particularly bad, as I have an essay to do. Essays are in no way my strong point, and I'll put them off as long as possible. I know they say "face your fears" and all that, but this just bores me. I've told myself it must be a boring one, as my flat mate still hasn't stared yet, and she's always way ahead of me.

I'm off to procrastinate some more.

Go see Jersey Boys now!
(Picture from Jersey Boys London website. L-R: Stephen Ashfield, Ryan Malloy, Jon Boydon, Eugene McCoy)