Monday, 18 March 2013

Vintage Fashion Fair London

So I finally decided to make a trip to Primrose Hill to visit the Vintage Fashion Fair.
I've only been once before and it was over a year ago. My memories were of a relatively small set up, but with exceptional quality vintage clothes, jewellery and accessories.
I'd been meaning to go for months but it always seemed to fall on a Sunday where I was busy.
Anyway, this month was my month to go!
It was a pretty grim day weather wise, but once I arrived, my mood was brightened.
I should mention that I had a free ticket for entry- a great incentive for a trip out. If you sign up to the mailing list, you could get a ticket for free entry to the fair in your inbox each month (although these are limited!).
The first stall I looked at was full of exquisite pieces from Celine, Fendi, Charles Jourdan and Dior. There was a stunning Dior off the shoulder dress in grey which was just the element of perfection for practical, yet on trend and timeless fashion. At £200 it was certainly an investment, but alas one I could not enter in to this month.
Anne Thomas Ceramic Pendant from Vintage Fashion Fair
I spoke to some lovely stallholders, who were enthusiastic and interested in what they sold. Sometimes you come across those who don't seem to have an interest in what they are selling, or seem to care, they just want money. I personally feel this is a mistake, especially with vintage fashion. Each piece has a story or detail behind it that needs to be passed on to it's new owner.
The fair didn't disappoint with regards to choice of high quality pieces and is certainly one of the best places to get something in excellent condition that stands out in terms of design.
Although I could have bought many things, the blurred line between 'willing' and 'able' (economics speak, yes?) became perfectly clear to me with rising bills this month, so I had a humble yet delightful buy from this fair.
Although not a vintage piece, it was certainly a new and unusual find for me. This necklace has a ribbon and metal chain, with the pendent of a fashionista being made out of ceramic. The stamp on the back says 'Anne Thomas, France' and with further research, I found this designer to have a great back-catalogue. The earliest this piece can be is 2005.
I snapped this little lovely up for the tiny sum of £6. Bargain if I ever saw one.
So if I were to give you any advice, it would be to definitely make a visit to Vintage Fashion Fair London, and to also keep your eyes open to things you haven't seen before. Visiting vintage fairs is one of my favourite things to do, mostly because I always find something different and unique. They say you learn something new everyday, and I am finding more and more that this is true.

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