Monday, 14 October 2013

Glossybox #2: June 2013

So I realise it is no longer June, and I am seriously behind on my reviews but I've been graduating after a 3 year undergrad course, moving house, enrolling at a new university and applying for jobs, so please forgive me!

My second Glossybox that I received gleefully in the post was in June. After my joy at what I got in the first one I couldn't wait to see what was waiting in that pretty pink box.

So, here's what I found:

1. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse
This was described as 'Summer in a bottle' and it certainly smelt like it. It's a dry oil with a super sweet smell to it, and can be used on hair and skin. It's supposed to strengthen and hydrate your hair. Although this is aimed at summer time, I'm looking forward to see if it still has the same effects in the winter, as my hair really gets battered from the winter wind and rain. I would definitely recommend this for hair. I'm yet to try it on my skin.
100ml for £34. The size I received was a 10ml bottle.

2. Figs & Rose Lip Balm
There were two options which you could receive: Cherry Blossom, or Coco Rose.
I got Coco Rose. It smells divine! It's 100% natural ingredients, and is in a tube very similar to that of the L'Occitane hand cream(!) What I love most about this lip balm is that its tinted, but to a point where you can actually see some colour. I find myself putting lip balm on and then lip gloss or lipstick over the top when it's dried a bit, but this way I have everything in one.
This also has a bit of sparkle in it which brightens everyone's day.
12.5ml for £5.00. I received a full sized product.

3. Helen E Cosmetics
Shimmer Eye Powder- shade 5.
Now, I am already biased with this product because I love mineral eye shadows. I find them much easier to work with and blend. This one was in a pinky purple colour, but not so pink that it made me look ill, as I have very pale skin.
I would recommend this product for sure, but I can't see any particular difference between this eyeshadow and any other mineral make up brand just through the use of this product.
Eye Shimmer: 1.5g for £5. I received a full size product.

4. Me Me Me Cosmetics
Long Lasting Nail Gloss
The colour I received was a neutral base colour. Although application instructions state applying over a base coat, I personally would use this varnish as a base coat. The colour is a standard base skin pink colour, and the brush was brilliant- very big and easy to paint your nail. I would consider buying this but at the moment my No. 7 Boots Base coat varnish is still No. 1.
Full size £5. This is what I received.

5. Monu
Professional Skincare- First Defence Hydrating Moisturiser SPF 15.
I haven't tried this yet, but I'm definitely excited to! This moisturiser claims to protect against UVA and UVB rays and includes vitamin E.
Watch this space guys!
50ml for £29.95. I received 30ml.

The total value of my box came to approx. £36, and I received 3 full size products.

Overall, I wasn't as happy with this box as I was with my last box, but I still loved all the stuff.

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know! X

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